In the latter half of the twentieth century, vehicles became a part of daily life at home and business. Consequently, the need also grew for garages, facilities, and parking areas that are secured by garage doors, gates, and rolling doors. Today, automatic openers for these doors and gates are increasingly becoming standard appliances instead of luxuries.

Even though DASMA was established in 1996, its roots sink deeply into American history. DASMA was the result of the consolidation of two of the industry’s largest manufacturer associations: the Door Operator & Remote Controls Manufacturers Association (DORCMA) and the National Association of Garage Door Manufacturers (NAGDM). In 2006, the American Rolling Door Institute (ARDI) merged into DASMA.

DORCMA’s history reaches back to 1959 when garage door operators were taking a foothold in America. NAGDM, the first U.S. association devoted to garage door manufacturers, was established a few years later, in 1968. ARDI dates back to 1969.

With the 1996 consolidation, DASMA’s strength multiplied, combining the interests of NAGDM, DORCMA, and major manufacturers of rolling door products. DASMA’s Rolling Door Division strengthened greatly in 2006 when ARDI merged into DASMA.

The American Rolling Door Institute (ARDI), organized in 1969, was the first organization of companies focusing on rolling steel doors. ARDI centered on companies that manufactured and produced service doors, fire doors, grilles and counter shutters.

In 1997, DASMA hired a full-time technical director to represent the industry before governmental agencies and code bodies, as DASMA accelerated its efforts to promote better performing products and greater professionalism in the industry. Since then, we have earned a national reputation as the authoritative voice of the industry.

DASMA, a standards development organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), has developed many standards for the industry, several of which have been approved by ANSI. These DASMA standards are available for download in PDF format.